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Yeah stupid. I won't do it again. It wasn't on the bed it was on a wooden folding chair.


When we were in London last year we booked an AirBnB thing on a boat, it was really lovely... except there was a huge problem with the electrics, the power kept running out and we had to sit in the dark. They obviously knew they had the problem so they supplied loads of tea-lights but it was dangerous as fuck to have hundreds of tea-lights in a tiny cabin filled with soft furnishings. We did pretty well but on the last night inevitably we set fire to one of the pillows. We survived but we managed to get a (not big enough) discount by saying that they had been cavalier with our lives... which they had. Bet it's still like that though.

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I haven't touched a drop in three days, which is practically Salafism when you think about it. About to takfir myself back to normality, however.