music that's a bit shit in a poignantly extrovert and extravagant style
the 90's eliminated a lot of frills and frippery


i like the extremely wide latitude of this prompt!
ancients of view.
"i wish i could explain your blues"
"shut up and make it count, your concentration paramount..."
countless mornings like this in adolescence. a reticence to face the social world.
sister song to the previous: "so i, sit at home and watch tv, a... programme i want toooo..."
a systemic derangement of glyphic language centres. obsessive focus on its singular moving object. the gnostic revelation of the real powerlessness of the prison operators.
"i realise a miracle is due."


Despite offering this stuff up in opposition to dance music early house is actually the perfection of this, it's quintessence. Particularly your love by frankie knuckles. I've always been fascinated by this frozen grief encoded into so much '80s music. It's technology yes, but also hard not to read as the shadow of aids.


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Good point

Something about moving into the future with all those not of this world digital sounds enmeshed with that naked emotion. Primitive by today's standards but perhaps more human. I guess the fact that a lot of the instruments were still being played in, unquantized, adds to that.
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There's distance encoded into '80s music, an essential part of its complex of emotions. The polish of a Vandross, the camp theatrics of Prince and Kate Bush, the funny voices of Bryne, cameo, Rick James, the frigidity of synth pop, the emotional constipation of Blue Nile. Something blocked from expression. Sone trauma present by it's absence.


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i think this is the last time Madonna did poignant - it was world domination hereafter

Luka is right about context - I was going to post Your Funny Uncle by Pet Shop Boys which seems to be the epitome of both poignant frozen grief