is not like other people
i'm gonna toss a spectacular party... and i want to see everyone inside!

(especially the sexy people)

it's going to be very big. so get you're glad rags washed and pressed!

check out this tasteful selection of glamorous djs...

Hi-Fi Sadist (pre 2005 grime set)
DJ Bignose
DJ Dog (rap set)
DJ Lincoln Lounge
DJ Acid Techno


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Brewdog Dalston 26th of October. Everyone's invited. Bring poppers. Also, wear a name badge so we can identify you. Cheers.


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The motto here is "drink till you puke" if you're not puking you're not having fun if you're not having fun the fuck you doing at a party?


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Do you know woops' little brother was a writer Danny? Was an early adopter of the acid pen. (This isn't one of my made up stories btw)