Delusions of Grandeur


Bamber Clatscoigne
I reckon I'm in the 99th percentile of dishwasher loading competency
I perform miracles with my thoughtful arrangement of plates, bowls and mugs in such a way to optimise the efficacy of the swishers and jets.
Just completed an epic "stack" and still buzzing off it.
Thinking of starting a Youtube channel showcasing my talents in this area.
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Most of these are delusions of failure or something...
I agree. It's repulsive and almost certainly dishonest. Even if you had cripplingly low self esteem there would be compensatory beleifs in your own divinity, even if these were disavowed they would be present, I can't believe otherwise. No one is just literal jelly.


Darned cockwombles.
and vice versa of course. Narcissists suffer from terrible self-doubt, even if this is only lingering at the fringes of consciousness