Do you eat at McDonalds?

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Generally not.

I am on nodding terms with the McLibel two so it's just not something I can justify to myself. Especially when there are so many other options that are better?

I wouldn't be a wanker about it and have ended up there drunk about twice though.

Obviously my parents delighted in taking my daughter there when she was young, but she hates it now on purely gastronomic grounds. (I did enjoy going there when I was a kid though).


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not often, maybe two or three times a year. i actually prefer it over all those hipster hamburger places.


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not in many years, but I don't hate them and fine with having to eat there in a crunch. given a choice, I'd pick Burger King.


I like McDonalds - the food I mean - and every now and again we go there as a guilty pleasure I'm afraid. Especially since we moved here. There is one by a beach we go to and often we pop in... I would never tell any of our Portuguese friends though, read into that what you will.

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not in many years, but I don't hate them and fine with having to eat there in a crunch. given a choice, I'd pick Burger King.
Yeah, for trashy fast food, Whopper > Big Mac, any day.

Although I'd much rather have a good shish kebab rolled in flatbread than either.


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I do normally when pissed. But not very often like twice a year. There are normally a million better options around the same sort of places I end up stumbling around. I haven't had one of their milkshakes for years but I have memories of them as being the taste of nirvana.


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Morally indefensible like so many things in the modern world, but the cheeseburger is a work of genius. As yyaldrin says, it's so much better than almost every hipster burger place, most of which are awful and full of people who don't actually like food (only place I thought was genuinely good was a place in LA called Umami Burger or something. Actually, a lot of vegan burgers are very good, since it's all about the condiments). I go to McDs a handful of times a year.

I had one of the banana milkshakes the other week, and it was nirvana. I don't know what's in it, and I don't want to.

Burger King leaves you with the horrible mouth-colonising taste of that fake 'flame-grilled' spray they use. Grim.
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McDonalds fries are shite though. A real low point. I had a 5 guys last time I had a burger and the fries were luscious and plentiful.


I'm in a minority of one, then - never. I think their food's disgusting and the smell would knock a dog down. Makes me sick that you can't openly enjoy a Stella on the tube after work but anyone can stink the carriage out with their Fish McMuffin. Totally with Macka B and the ALF on this one.

Also, the London joints are all crawling with scumbags looking for teen runaways to shanghai into paedophile rings.