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Subvert47's List.

1) The election of Jeremy Corbyn

2) A duel to the death with Simon Reynolds.
I was actually going to say "a Labour government" ;)

No need for a duel with Simon though. He's one of my favourite writers on music. (Which obviously doesn't mean I think he's always right.)


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lol brilliant Version.

I have to admit I'm starting to think that I will never really get the 'nuum. It's beyond the cultural barrier for me.

Instead I want a picture of everyone so I can see if they look like how I imagine them.


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Version what are your top 5 articles written about the books of Thomas Pynchon? The real mindbending ones


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I'm not sure how mindbending they are and I dunno about a top five, but there are some really good ones out there, particularly on Gravity's Rainbow. That znore one on Yoyodyne is one of my favourites.

Rocket Leviathan -

“A Face on Ev’ry Mountainside, A Soul in Ev’ry Stone”: Rilke’s Poetics of Transformation in Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow -

A Supernatural History of Destruction; or, Thomas Pynchon’s Berlin -

The Physics of Heaven: History, Science, and Technology in Gravity's Rainbow -

"Thomas Pynchon on Totalitarianism: Power, Paranoia, and Preterition in Gravity’s Rainbow" -

Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow: The V-2 Rocket Cartel as Multinational Corporate Conspiracy -

"It all goes along together. Parallel, not series. Metaphor. Signs and symptoms. Mapping onto different coordinate systems, I don't know . . . " | Gravity's Rainbow: an Analysis -

An Absent Center -- A Present Potential: Apocalypse, Ending, and the Last Delta-t of Possibility -

Pynchon, JFK and the CIA: Magic Eye Views of The Crying of Lot 49 -

On Thomas Pynchon’s First Novel “V.” -

“The Hacker We Call God”: Transcendent Writing Machines in Pynchon and Kafka -

Dreaming of Zero: Realpolitik and Anarchism in Thomas Pynchon’s “Gravity’s Rainbow” -

"Is the Rocket the Real Text? " - Pynchon, Paranoia, and Literature -

Frye, Derrida, Pynchon, and the Apocalyptic Space of Postmodern Fiction by David Robson -


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I hope this is a genuine quote.

"The end? Say it with missiles then . . . "

—James Joyce, Finnegans Wake


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For the record, I hate merchandise and t-shirts like the above. There are people who get stuff like V-2 rockets tattooed on them as well. Awful.


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I fucked up Blissblog's list by putting Warhead when it should have been Bambaata.

i was at a jungle event in New York, a V Records party, spring of 1998... i'd been gloomy for a while, but this was it, the pits.

i think it was a bunch of visiting Brit luminaries on the decks, so we were getting bang up to date stuff, plate after plate, and it was all such desperate stuff

DJ Trace was deejaying - and "Bambaataa", one of the few contenders for a Tune during that dismal era, came on for the fourth time that night and i found myself MCing - not on stage i hasten to add! - in the midst of the crowd, inaudible to everyone i'm sure, or at least i hope - MC-ing over the stiff as a stillborn kitten beat:

"Stagnant music! Stagnant music! Acrid Bassline, another Acrid Bassline!"

I did actually feel close to tears.