Roadmanbarty's Top 20 Drills

You’re a good tour guide barty. I listened through these last night and enjoyed the writing. I liked the first one best, the sparta one and c1 slums

I agree with you about the ‘womb like’ qualities. The warp and glide of the 808, the curves and filters give a warm enveloping feel to offset the cold funeral march minors in the melody, and each beat feels like a whole, after an intro you’re pretty much in that space with few surprises. It meant a little key change in the silwood nation tune felt dramatic, few surprises…
A dusty old music box found in an attic. It has a figure of a dancer on it, her pale porcelain face

A great metaphor, a creepy tik-tok wind up music box.. A children’s plaything that’s a bit disturbing and unsettling too. Something contained and doomed to play a mechanised song over and over, jerky, restricted and repetitive
This internalisation of the disposability of their own lives in gang warfare.

And the dancing and videography im into a lot… so much death.


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A legal disclaimer at the beginning of the video isn’t enough to assuage this sense of malevolence. With its grammatical mishaps and inconsistent capitalization it comes across as disingenuous and subversive. It professes that what is being portrayed is “fictional”. It is not. This is real life. This is London. This is UK drill.

just getting round to this, good tune. i think i'm getting into drill, lockdown seems to help the listening. good write up from barty as well but lol at this last bit.