that spring we lived on bowls of risotto

  1. luka

    things craner will love

  2. Clinamenic


    Had a conceptual breakthrough this morning, in terms of understanding social attraction. In the interest of being more invested in relationships, I started thinking about how I should respectfully communicate sexual attraction to a female friend of several years, whom I will be seeing soon...
  3. william_kent

    post pictures your computer has generated ( algorithmic art )

    A thread for discussion and demonstration of algorithmic "art" - either procedurally generated or created by AI ( neural networks, machine learning, etc., ) Some examples of procedurally generated pictures: Lingdong Huang is a bit of a genius - here's an example of "flowers in the style of a...
  4. V

    Hellraiser (1987)

    I can't work out whether I actually like these films or not. There's something really shit about them, but I can't help but come back to certain scenes and images. I haven't bothered with any but the first two, but there's just something about them. They're a bit like a much nastier...
  5. Corpsey

    Roadmanbarty's Top 20 Drills

    Go on then go on then draw for the choons. 20 goon choons. The illest drill. An impassioned defence of a much maligned genre. Why does it matter? Why is it life enhancing? Why should we bother? An explanation of what makes it top 20 worthy. Quotables. The great lost RA/Fact/Wire article...
  6. V

    Water Filters

    A worthwhile investment?
  7. Corpsey

    The Matrix vs Ghostbusters

    May vs Corbyn is a foregone conclusion, let's have a really substantive argument. Or let's just watch Luka and Craner have one.
  8. padraig (u.s.)

    Rolling Afghanistan Thread

    I know the War In Pakistan thread was kind of a default AfPak thing but since they are after all, despite the contiguous Pashtun belt on both sides of the border, different countries...and since there's been a big push going on (USMC!) for a while now and since it's effectively Obama's war and I...
  9. 1


    Why is terror conveyed so much more easily by the media than by the actions of terrorists themselves? The news specializes in making fear quotidien even when there aren't bombs and murder. And when there are, all the news does is chart the spread of fear (terror) and thus spread it further than...