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I'm a romantic at heart. But a dark edge adds to the thrill.
I love the old skool Hammer Horror movies. The romantic dresses, the sweet damsels with puppy dog eyes, the evil and seductive Count Dracula. But I always wondered why a powerfull vampire like Dracula never took full advantage of the situation when he had swooning Veronica Carlson or Jenny Hanley for grabs... So one day I started to make my own erotic vampire art and horror stories, that continued where Christopher Lee left off.

Over the years I've made hundreds of works and became an expert in digital 3D posing and rendering. Also I wrote several short stories. Most of my images and stories contain classy women in gorgeous draped dresses, often wearing heels, stockings, opera gloves, diamonds and pearls. And off course sophisticated nosferatu men and other creatures of the night, appreciating their feminine beauty..... and their virginity and delicious warm blood ;-[