craner's been mossad from day one

  1. luka

    things craner will love

  2. william_kent

    post pictures your computer has generated ( algorithmic art )

    A thread for discussion and demonstration of algorithmic "art" - either procedurally generated or created by AI ( neural networks, machine learning, etc., ) Some examples of procedurally generated pictures: Lingdong Huang is a bit of a genius - here's an example of "flowers in the style of a...
  3. P

    COINBASE for Crypto has come

    Well, it had to happen for thing to keep growing. Myself was and still sceptical esp. on Ethereum - i met the programmers in 2015 and great plans yes, using 2015 tech ? yes ... hey have a hard one as they try to get to 2.0 Meanwhile, floating all crypto boats in a risky way today Coinbase...
  4. other_life

    the barbarian ideal

    well shit ok since no one seems to give a shit about this i'll try something looser, nonspecific. the barbarian ideal in your life. communists are barbarians. civilisation presupposes a much longer history of high culture. it all goes in here... discuss.
  5. Mr. Tea

    Since it's been a while since we had an Israel/Palestine thread...

    ...I just saw this on and it looked worth commenting on: So does anyone think the US will try and make Israel actually, you know, do anything about this?
  6. E

    Kwaito resources?

    Anyone know of good web or other resources on kwaito? if there's a space with downloads it would be extra nice ... thanks!!