Veggie Burgers



vegetarian restaurants also often use a fair amount of garlic to enhance flavor. not a problem for me but I know vegetarians who are intolerant or allergic, so pretty much rules out Indian and Korean.
Lots of Indians don't eat garlic at all.


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What about deep soy conspiracy theory? ie that soy is being produced in big quantities now and it contains alot of estrogen so its having an overall feminising effect.
There's an article on the front page of the 'science' subreddit atm about how soybean oil apparently causes obesity, diabetes and neurological changes in mice and that's it's the most widely-used oil in America.


I read this article about this Korean (I think) chef who cooks for this monastery somewhere on an isolated mountainside and all these world famous chefs go on pilgrimages there cos she's so amazing. All vegetarian but no garlic or onion cos she believes it inflames the senses or some bullshit. Almost all the flavour came from fermenting as far as I could tell, the whole place was full of massive vats of things fermenting - this one is five years old, that one is seven year and so on. Interesting I guess but the food didn't sound that exciting to me.


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On the no garlic no onions thing, I knew about the Jain prohibition on it, but guess it's much wider than that too. I like no allium currieswith spices and meat cooked in yoghurt etc, which I understand is a himalayan thing, but not sure how to cope without garlic in veggie cooking.