The Weather.


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88, feels like 93. tomorrow 95, Monday 99, before cooling off to the high 80s/low 90s the rest of the week.

we used to get one week in august like this, the rest of the summer was low 80s. and you'd start wearing sweaters and light jackets in September. now you can continue going to the beach thru all of September.

it's almost as if there's a sort of global warming.


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hurricane-turned tropical storm Isaias heading our way, could be back to hurricane strength by the time it reaches here tomorrow afternoon. at least 2-4 inches of rain and heavy winds expected. state sanctioned hysterical panic buying of bottled water, batteries and TP officially commenced.

you guys don't have too many dramatic natural disasters in the UK, do you? I guess flooding in some parts, but never really hear about tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, blizzards, violent thunder and lightning storms. maybe it balances out: we get our shit weather in a handful of intense bursts, you get yours doled out in smaller doses with showers 300 days a year.


Who loves ya, baby?


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dry 35° / lavender / wet west gust
friendly skies, calm waters / immense gratitude / 30°
heatwave dry / smell of decay / rec. stay inside w paranoid thoughts…
black sun, definitive night / the shiver (-1°)
ice ice bb 0°0°0° hats on today
calm cloudless sailor moon / ?°


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do you want to drive up to London tonight? we can hang out in the park and drink rose.