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I like Ginsberg as a public figure. I like how he played his hand. Synder is another one I find interesting as a man but a negligible poet. I like some of his essays and interviews a lot.


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there's an eliot weinberger essay where he talks about this literal, unadorned translation of the hebrew psalms that some academics did and how some of them are accidental beat poems.

The voice of Yahweh over the waters!
Yahweh over the multitudinous waters!
The voice of Yahweh in power!
The voice of Yahweh in splendour!
The voice of Yahweh shatters the cedars,
Yahweh shatters the cedars of Lebanon,
making Lebanon leap like a calf,
Sirion like a young wild bull.
The voice of Yahweh sharpens lightning shafts!
that's why i like the beats for all their bad qualities, cos you can trace a line that includes the hebrew bible and tang dynasty poetry and whitman and blake and them. they're kind of the last public poets, poets as representative as more people than themselves.


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