David Luke meets Luke Davis. DMT, NDE & Aphantasia


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'get rid of the idea that you are making something up, you are going somehwere and perceiving something that is there'


in je ogen waait de wind
when you have aphantasia does it mean you can't make drawings when the object you're drawing is not in front of you?


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yeah that would seem to be logical?? is this why lukes imagery he conjures with words is so striking and visual??


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i wrote about this in my famous book prediction tablet

Now a lot of it is transmitted as pressure alone
as weight of it, as force transmitted through
it ---------**
** -----------" )))---------

See it?

degree of tenderness degree of strength
as touch, felt, at skin receptor site
maternal to paternal axis

weights and measures
where the force-locus
where generated?
how applied?

torque inclement
gale force precipitating

atmosphere disturbance
abnormal fluctuations
in instruments.

spatial acoustic dimensions of the
echo location very advanced sensing equipment
speaking out of what depth, what extremity torn
this utterance-against that cyclonic
torque withstood.
in that tearing
lashed that is
to the mast.

How we detect one another
how we find that signal
in the storm.

that once established allows communication as between
equals at the table.

you've found us / you've made it

luke just read this out to everyone it was good