we murder to dissect
Peli knows lots of cool people, like he definitely treats knowing cool people as part of the job of being him I think. (This may sound like shade, but it isn't. There's an art to knowing cool people.)

PG: I argue that the most outrageous excess of Modernist, Symbolist, and romantic thought about art — roughly, the doctrine that the poet’s (or whatever artist’s) work embodies the truths of a deeper stratum of reality as pure aesthetic form — turns out to make excellent scientific sense, once we have spent some time thinking about autoencoders.


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Outside, I find Paige and her boyfriend, Domenick Ammirati, and we go to a vegan Chinese restaurant for dinner. Domenick has an easy smile that looks like it feels good making it. He also writes for Artforum, and so the three of us actually do talk about art the entire dinner. We decide after everything we have ever heard about Dash Snow, including a documentary Domenick recently saw on him, that the artist was nice to his friends and mean to people he didn’t know. On Semiotext(e): their books have chronic typos but we still love them. Louise Bourgeois: Amélie-adjacent. Over dumplings, I discover that I like hanging out with couples, and I think couples like hanging out with me. Intimacy breeds contempt, but in the presence of an open witness, a pair is occasioned to perform what makes them unfamiliar, arresting, and witty, thereby redemonstrating to each other, as if by surprise, their charms and eccentricities.


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The one time I went it was in a shit pub in a park. I got told off for tapping a drumkit, xxx got mugged, xxx fell over, xxx hit me in the eye, xxx pissed in a hand-basin. Most of the chatter was about some crap grime DVD that had come out earlier in the week.

Oh no, there was another, where I allegedly knocked someone's pint over, but I have no memory of it at all.

I've only read "In The Shadow Of The Silent Majorities" - I know it was about Baader Meinhof but the whole thing came across like Baudrillard had been drinking since lunchtime. The only book about the RAF worth reading is "Televisionaries" by Tom Vague.
i didnt get mugged, i didnt hit Martin in the eye, i could conceiveably of fallen over and pissed in a sink though.


i didnt get mugged, i didnt hit Martin in the eye, i could conceiveably of fallen over and pissed in a sink though.

Can confirm Luka is innocent of all aforementioned charges. The lunatics responsible won't be named, unless I get really drunk.