Modern Male Fashion and its consequences


If you're taller and have broad shoulders then it's easier and beer gut can be kinda hidden. If you ain't though you're fucked... you're the little fat guy.


It's working for me so far. I think.

You're what, six foot one or something?
I'm below the cut off for this sadly. When I lived in Hackney my flatmate was a few inches taller than me and very handsome with broad shoulders. Living with him I knew he had a bit of a belly but seeing him when he left the house you would never guess.

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You're what, six foot one or something?
Yeah, or just over. I was going to the gym pretty regularly before the first lockdown. Really ought to get back into it. Job and toddler somehow keep getting in the way of that though.


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@linebaugh what is it about my sartorial orientation that solves all these problems? It's one of those things where it's hard for the pro athlete or artist to unpack the foundations of their success, to verbalize it you know? But maybe you can help translate the je ne sais quoi that helps me escape this pickle


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Agreed, that was a good one. A Boot Boyz shirt actually, I was repping your city
they sell a paulo friere shirt

do you remember when we found this picture of you?



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t-shirt in pants is quite rare in the UK

I did a convenience sampling survey of 100 men wearing t-shirts and only two had them tucked in.

Not that you look shy of making an impression
in america its the look of hip young alt men who are into indie rock. though I think we are reaching the point were too many of those men have committed sexual assaults of some kind and its being identified as the look of a male manipulator. Im nearly positive the man who french tucks his karl marx capital shirt into his fitted jeans is a sex criminal


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Paul Smith in town means there’s been a steady flow of rag trade types. Always brought a sense of zest about the city, students stay on within the industry, plenty of victims too

With zest in mind and after feeling spring-summery last week, ordered then returned these as the fabric felt too weird on skin. Advertised as linen, felt like polyester, clingy/crepey, so if you sweat it’ll become gross fast


lapsed catholic rocking the orange? not on this occasion


middle age really fucks with you as evidenced above
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I like the implication that it might be more sensible to forego clothes altogether.

I know this is incredibly annoying but...

Whether you mean forego or forgo is an important matter, as the words have separate histories and different meanings. Forgo means to abstain from or do without. Forego means to come before or precede.

Another distinction that is fast disappearing but that would be a shame as I think it's quite useful... as also forbear and forebear where it's clearer.

I understand that usage trumps all but it seems a pity when useful distinctions such as disinterested and uninterested - which are now used virtually interchangeably - are flattened out removing some of the subtlety and nuance from the language.