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spackb0y said:
So me, harmaplazt and infinite thought never got tapes?

I hope that anyone who received a tape and didnt send one out feels sufficiently guilty...
Hell, I feel badly and I sent a tape.

I have a suggestion: I'm sure there are some of us who aren't terribly enamoured with the tape we (not me, mind) received. Perhaps someone (or three) will volunteer to send tapes they're not interested in to those who didn't get one?
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At this point if someone sent me a tape of themselves weeing with Westlife playing distantly over the plaintive sounds of their under-attended children crying in the would get a good review. You think I'm joking - it's Friday night and I'm confessing this....oh God....actually a blank tape would be better, heh, conceptual-like, just put a swastika on the cover or summat....
John "gauleiter" cage, you mean? That mushroom-collecting chance-loving zen bastard....!

anyway, problem solved. some well nice person has offered to send me a tape so, horrah!

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infinite thought said:
...and that was the last word. Almost three months past before anyone wondered, "Whatever happened to the Ferrite Love Connection?"

So, what happened? Did everyone just lose interest?

henry s

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I still intend to review the tape I got, believe it or not...(and I still listen to it, CN!)...I was one of the last to mail his/hers out, so there's an indication of my general, I didn't even know how to blog until quite recently...

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henry s said:
(and I still listen to it, CN!)
Henri, you are too kind. I'm glad it's still working for you.

owen said:
dissensus in 'lazy' shocker
No joke. I certainly expected she-of-infinite-thought to post something. Did you not receive that promised tape IT?
I did! yep, a few weeks ago - and very much appreciated it is too. I plan a review of course - but like everything I try and write, the hideous desire to perfect everything makes it take forever and ever...but as we're on holiday perhaps I'll do it this weekend, in between writing (hopefully!) interesting things about Kant's 'Anthropology'...maybe I'll intersperse the review with quotes from Kant...yeah!


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owen said:
fingers out, you lot
Yeah, come on people.

Now, I still haven't got my tape, and I've pretty much given up all hope of ever getting it, so the least I can hope for is some response to the one I sent out myself. I'm looking at you, minikomi!



actually i listened to the tape a lot just before i came over to japan. i was doing some meanial labour to gain a bit more cash and it helped while away the hours!

I`ll dig out the tracklist and get the thing written soon. i dont hav ea tape player anymore so it`ll have to be from memory!


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hamarplazt said:
Yeah, come on people.

Now, I still haven't got my tape, and I've pretty much given up all hope of ever getting it, QUOTE]
hamarplazt, private message me with yr address and i'll do you one, seeing as i have more time on my hands than most :p

incidentally, will the mystery candadian whose tape i slaved over make their presence known? ta

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Where are those reviews, people?

If you don't like the blog, post 'em here.

Even if it's just "Not my cup of tea, really..."
aw shit - forgot all about that. and i was the guy who accidently received two tapes!

better dig 'em out for another listen...and try and remember what the log-in for that blog is...:slanted:


I used to love cassette mixes, straight off the decks. Being EQ'd and having the volume adjusted during the mix.


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a thousand apologies to Infinite Thought for my totally slack-arse failure to submit a review of her tape.. it will happen eventually. :eek: