is anyone here on myspace???????


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I don't have a band or anything, so I'm not sure why I use myspace. I thought if I set up a page and used it a little bit, I'd figure out what all the fuss is about. But to me it seems like a very primitive social networking tool with the shittiest layouts and templates possible. is much better IMO.

Anyway, here's my profile:


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we finally signed up for it last week when a dj/producer i know told me that he'd started to get work through it - simple! i don't really like the look of it, i'm sure i wouldn't use it for just a personal page, and i'm sure there's better versions of myspace out there. but everyone seems to be on myspace, which makes it worth being on. if you see what i mean. also as someone says upthread, wuith so many artists on there who apparently don't have the wherewithal to make their own webpages, it's a good way of getting in touch with them...

our site -

right, now i'm gonna go and add all the dissensus myspacers as friends :cool:


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not dissing anyone thats on myspace...but i thought i would just share a few critical articles ive come across recently.

also copying this little paragraph from
"In the old model a media company had thousands of paid employees, journalists, anchors, video editors, printers, delivery guys, all there just to get the content made and to the audience. Now the same company, has millions of "users" doing the creation and distribution work for free. Is that empowering the little guy, or is that empowering Mr. Murdock and co's bank accounts?"


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well I'm certain it is used for commercial research purposes by big companies and lifestyle statistics etc, etc., and very likely by the FBI as a vehicle to gather information. oh no am I conspiracy theorizing again? damn it! ;)


MySpace clamps down on users through new tech limits

Via boing boing

Siva Vaidhyanathan says, "MySpace is slowly installing technological restrictions that will undermine its value as a social networking site. Well bowled, Rupert! My brilliant doctoral student Alice Marwick, who studies social networking and identity online, wrote this..."

So: stuff like,, and YouTube’s Flash video wrappers will no longer be able to link back to the sites if the user is using Flash 9. Generally adoption for Flash isn’t that quick — but since all users with Flash 8 currently have broken MySpace video/audio players, you can expect that to have somewhat of an effect on the adoption rate (i.e.: skyrocket).
MySpace can say all they want about wanting to protect users, but really this is about them protecting their advertising dollars. The barnacle-like secondary market sites will have to find increasingly creative techniques to launch Flash-based content within the site if they want it to spread virally..


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as far as alternatives go, actually looks o.k. It's very generic 2.0 looking, obviously tailored to the 20 something and 30 somethings with Stones Throw, Bloc Party and stuff...but i cant be bothered to join.


Everybody is on MySpace because everybody else is on MySpace.
It's like everyone says they hate London but they still have to go there if they want to get anywhere in music/art/whatever...


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Err yeah, all this tireless self promotion "adds" endless back-spanking self congratulation... I've twice set up my space accounts then given up almost immediately, the piss poor design, the slowness, the crashing, the way the myspace founder adds himself as yr first friend.