J Dilla R.I.P. /(,0_o,)\


Sorry BLEEP, but I thought this deserved its own post...

Jay Dee aka J Dilla passed yesterday morning... One of THE most talented and prolific hip-hop producers around and right as he was finally starting to get the recognition he deserved. A sad day for hip-hop & for Dilla's friends & fam.

more info here... http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1524171/20060210/j_dilla.jhtml?headlines=true & (courtesy of bleep) here... http://www.sohh.com/articles/article.php/8330

a track from Dilla's latest lp "DONUTS" here... http://www.stonesthrow.com/jukebox/dilla_airworks.mp3

discography here...http://www.stonesthrow.com/jdilla/discography.html

dissensus Jay Dee thread here... http://www.dissensus.com/showthread.php?t=2661
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That is sad news. I've not really been that tuned in to his stuff, but I've been listening to 'Donuts' on mp3, and it's good stuff. He doubtless had a lot of good music left to make, and he can't have been any age, really sad. I shall have to play Fantastic Volume 2 this afternoon.


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Truly a great loss... it shook me, as I've been listening to Donuts on repeat since tuesday. I'm also remembering how 'Get Dis Money' really got me through when I got laid off and had no money. RIP Dilla Dawg.
spot on....

blunt said:
32 years old. What a truly shite state of affairs.


precisel....I can't really describe how I felt (and still feel) when me and my boys found out. We usually shed a tear when a great black musician dies....this was no exception. Enjoy your sleep.


Tribute mix

Shouts to Proto J on Subvert for the linkage...

Audio One's Jay Dee tribute mix:


Wale Oyejide feat. Jay Dee-Theres A War Goin On
J-88-Keep It On
Jaylib-The Message
Janet Jackson feat. Q-Tip-Gone Til It's Gone (Ummah Jay Dee's Mix)
1st Down-It Dont Get No Liver Than This
Common-Nag Champa (Afrodisiac For The World)
Slum Village-I Dont Know
J-88-The Look Of Love
Jaylib-The Red
Phat Kat-Dedication To The Suckers
Slum Village-Players
The Pharcyde-Runnin
A Tribe Called Quest-Find A Way
A Tribe Called Quest-1nce Again
The Pharcyde-Drop
Jay Dee feat. Pete Rock-Niggaz Know
J Dilla-Lightworks
Common feat. Slum Village and Jay Dee-Thelonius
Q-Tip-Wait Up
Common-The Light
Slum Village feat. J Dilla-Reunion
Jay Dee-Fuck The Police
Jay Dee-Think Twice
Phat Kat-Dont Nobody Care About Us
Jaylib feat. Frank N Dank-Mcnasty Filth
J Dilla-Two Can Win



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Thanks for the mix link.

Picked up the Welcome 2 Detroit Instrumentals CD yesterday and it's so good how most of the beats stand up on their own. Sure, a couple of tracks that had raps start to drag at 4 minutes - just a beat and a few change ups - but the feels are so good.

Also saw some copies of Fantastic Vol 1. Is this the one that's hard to get? Not such a big fan of those MCs, so didn't jump on it, but maybe the threat of never seeing it again would spur me into action. :)


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dilla was really really major. He really had that thing, that un-identifiable feeling in his music, the rhythms, the sounds, the vibes. Really beautiful important, soulful music. His death will really leave a hole in the current hiphop landscape. I really felt like I lost someone I knew when he died, very sad. RIP Dilla, maybe now that you're gone you'll get the credit that you deserve.


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Poisonous Dart put a heads up to this on his blog as well, but I thought I'd push it cos the guy has done a great job


I'm totally feeling the beat CDs, just bad, bad, bad.

( hope that's Ok PD, don't wanna tread anyone's sneakers here )


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rip but i still think he was underrated by ppl outside the net and overrated by people on the net... the fact so so so many ppl copy his style so blatantly just exacerbates that for me, evryone from poor indie rap producers to broken beat guys - its irritating IMO. plus a lot of what they copy is the ultra softcore blanded out sleepy-time-sedative for-ageing-hip-hoppers who want background rap-less hip hop muzak side of dilla....


Here's where I use Dissensus to educate myself: I'm ashamed to say I don't own any J Dilla material. Tell me how/where to start appreciating his stuff as a "body of work"--I know a few songs here and there but nothing beyond them, unfortunately.

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Huge Dilla fan...

Yep, that link below has a 2 part Dilla tribute complete with an obscene amount of great Dilla material in it. One.