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Just went down a rabbit hole on someone's FB page, learned the following:

- Dr. Fauci partied with Jeffrey Epstein (based mostly on a photo that shows about 1/4 of some guy's head who's wearing vaguely similar eyeglasses, which about eight million other people also wear) and is listed on the secret REAL flight manifest for the Lolita Express to Epstein's inland. Oprah and Tom Hanks also on the manifest.

- Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts has been blackmailed by Ghislaine Maxwell (or perhaps someone else) for similar involvement, that's why he's been casting deciding votes favoring the liberals (or something).

- JFK Jr. didn't die piloting his twin-engine plane in stormy weather, he was in fact killed by the Ciintons because he was about to run for the NY senate seat that Hillary wanted and got.

- Online home furnishings retailer Wayfair was involved in child trafficking. Screenshots of a chair or table listed at $10,000 or $20,000, and when you click the link for details, it takes you to a page for a child on a government missing children website. The product listings in question have since been taken down, and Wayfair says they'd outsourced the web store to a third party.

Just wanted to keep you all in the loop.


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Tom Hanks is also looped into the wayfair thing. I don't understand the fixation these people have with him. I would imagine he would be hugely popular with conservatives. He exclusively makes overly sentimental American history pieces.

I get he's is openly liberal, but is he even that relevant? Conservative conspiracy theories are an old world reading of things, so its fitting they would target last generations biggest stars. For awhile people were saying that you could google any number between one and a thousand (or something like that) with 'covid cases' tacked on and you would find a results for that exact number every time...which is exactly the point missing for these people. Highlights that old world/new world disconnect


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Maybe they don't like him cos he's a pedo and that guy was going to expose him so he had him exterminated. Sinister pedo from Hollywood, the pedo factory.


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Epstein as an overarching vehicle for numerous conspiracy theories. I mean, the facts are just too good to pass up, right? liberal elite, underaged girls, Clintons, Prince Andrew.

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Plus the unexplained wealth.
I read something once about this and the implication was that he may well have invited all these various billionaires to "party" with his ever-revolving stable of "aspiring models", take photos/videos of them in the act, then use it essentially as blackmail material to ensure that they invested in his company. Although surely to actually make use of any of this material he'd have had to implicate himself? I dunno.