Any Berlin Tips?

I'm going to be visiting Berlin again in June. I haven't been since the 90s but imagine it's changed quite a bit since then.

Any tips?

Cheap Eats, God non-touristy bars?


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I'll be there May 15th. so i would be interested in what dissensus might suggest for this city as well...

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I'd love to help out as I was in Berlin for the first time over New Year and had an amazing time, but unfortunately most of it passed by in a blur of cheap beer and cheaper speed. :)

I remember that you can get a day pass for many of the museums in the 'museum quarter' (Berlin's South Kensington, only bigger) that's only slightly more then the entry fee for any one of them. There's a great Lebanese (I think) restaurant with brilliant food, cocktails and shisha near where we stayed in Ostkreuz, in the East End - can't recall the name, I'm afraid.

Anyway, there's loads of great stuff to do/eat/drink, I'm sure you'll have a great time.


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Yup, Berghain/Panorama Bar definitely lives up to the hype. Really fantastic sound system, awesome space.

I also went to a place in Prenzlberg called Zurmoebelfabrik when I was over in January - really great bar/club. Lovely crowd, and the closest to laid back 'old' Berlin I got to.

Also, check the Jewish Memorial just south of thhe Brandenburger Tor - breathtaking.


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Spot on with the Jewish Memorial - avant garde sculpture (if that's what it qualifies as) at its accessible best.