Contemporary South African music


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Zhao says it all, really, and much more eloquently than I could.

IMHO if there is any way out of the staleness of most Western (house) music it is things like this, echoes that make their way back to us after they've been refracted through the prism of another reality.

This is the stuff to make people LOSE IT because it is PERFECT.

A million thanks mistersloane, looks like you didn't waste a minute over there, this is truly top class stuff. I will be coming back to this mix a lot. A real master class. 11/10.


Darned cockwombles.
Got the following on request from SA:

Dj Cleo -Es'Khaleni Unit 5
Blek'sem's newest;
B Sharpa, a rapper from Cape Town;
Hymphatic Thabs - Perfect Times.

All very, very good, the Dj Cleo being much more mellow than I'd anticipated. Thabs is sick as ever.