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It could have been a disaster, but I must commend whoever chose Supermayer to remix Rufus Wainwright. Some will undoutedly find it too cheesy, and I am guilty of harbouring a tearjerker now and again. IMHO late contender for remix of the year.

If you liked the Superpitcher remix of M83 'Don't Save Us...' then you will like this. If you hated it then you will undoubtedly hate this as well.

Listen here:


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Ahh, the first record's a classic. Proper way-out-there metal-before-it-was-metal prog-stoner-doom-rock interspersed with, er, improv jazz. Worth owning for the cover art alone:
[(sadly, I only have it on all-too-compact disc)

Seriously tho the one classic King Crimson record is "Red"- bleak, furious avant-metal riffing, clattering percussive attacks, sinister lowercase improv, Fin de siècle doomed ur-ballads... and by far their most imaginatively rich and chunky production. On earlier albums Fripp's guitars sound like a slightly embittered wasp trapped in a biscuit tin! Its also really really grim.


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birthdeath experience- whitehouse (reissued this week) can hear the TG influence which i've never heard in their later work....
side 2 is really superb

HOWEVER avoid Mindphaser it's embarassing

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Shub-Niggurath, Please
On earlier albums Fripp's guitars sound like a slightly embittered wasp trapped in a biscuit tin! Its also really really grim.

You reckon? It sounds quite serious on my copy of In The Court..., at any rate, maybe it was beefed up by the remastering or something.
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Mentioned this on the 'recommendations' thread but fans of Silver Apples, Chrome, Comus, Beefheart, Devo, Ariel Pink.... should get this:


It's a brilliantly one-off late 70s new-wave psychedelic synth rock folk concept library music album.

It's deleted now cos Radioactive went out of business but you can still get it for £2.99 from Selectadisc Nottingham.


I think in the court of the crimson king is a tad patchy - moonchild, for example, is risible. I can't remember if lake of the fire witch is good, but it's a cool name.

The first track rocks very hard.


Beast of Burden
Burial - Untrue

Riko and Breeze - Don't Want You Back

Porter Ricks - Biokinetics

Tons of Joy Division

Nirvana - In Utero

Quite a lot of avant drone stuff (Palestine, Lopez, Young etc)

Anne Briggs - Anne Briggs

Cannibal Ox - The Cold Vein, especially the instrumental version

Lots of Billie Holiday and Bessie Smith

Spacemen 3 - Revolution

Depeche Mode - Violator
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Similar to "Lark's Tongues In Aspic" then- title track is fucking excellent... rest of the album dire half-assed ballads.

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First two Heldon records are lovely - layers of VCS3s and Frippesque guitars - there's a track on the second one called 'In The Court Of King Fripp' that features the lushest autumnal melotron. Gilles Delueze does a vocal turn on the first album. Heldon 6 - Interface is their heaviest I think - block rocking motorik beats and massive moog sequences.
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this thread turned out awesome..i keep getting splendid suggestions : )

i've been totally into last devendra banhart album lately..and new robert wyatt is excellent!


parliament and bassline house and just listening to older grime records and going fucking hell they're good, esp the incredible terrah danjah stuff.
the combo of good bassline stuff, listening to older grime and some of the grimier, more dancehallish funky house stuff is getting me quite excited any ready to spend some cash on some good vinyl bits if i find any.
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El Hombre Invisible
Manhattan Research Inc - Raymond Scott...

...essential listening for lovers of 'New Plastic Sounds and Electronic Abstractions'...;)

Compiling a B-movie sci-fi noir-type soundtrack for a friend I dug this out again and rediscovered the joys of Scott's electro sounds, along with the American ads for IBM, Bendix Aviation etc. This beautifully packaged 2-disc selection really is highly recommended.