New Snoop Dogg: Sensual Seduction


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JEEEEZ! It's a laugh buffet!

i saw it last night and had to turn it off I was laughing so much. i am sure there is a hottub scene later and i didnt want to see it.


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wow, i wonder how long he spend in the board room with the white man that signs his check taking it up the ass before he agreed to this piece of corporate garbage

Tad unfair, I think. Although he should have done the video totally straight-faced, no kidding around in 70s gear.


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Bah what's wrong with you people? That song is great and the video is also hilarious. I mean c'mon, it's about the opposite of what so many people 'round here complain about what's wrong with hip hop (though admittedly this is more rnb). It's got a goofy sense of humour, it's warm and pretty far from misogynist. And the synths and vocoder use is also pretty ace. A+


midlife crisis rap direction.

do you like my double chin baby
do you like my paunch
my ballbag may be saggy but i can still get it ready to launch.


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Wow, I didn't expect anything... different from Snoop... I like it, Neptunes on the beat, eh? Cheesy video, but Snoop's had a genuine love for 70s soul&funk for his whole career, it didn't strike me as sneering at the era like a lot of other "ironic" videos.

Thumbs up for the talkbox closeup.


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vocal is kinda corny.
track is pretty fun and stuff.
wouldnt mind having an instro for it.

my friend told me it was produced by shawty redd.


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Yes - it's Shawty Redd, not Neptunes.

And it's Autotune, not a vocoder or talkbox (on the track). ;)

Anyway... a bit of fun, but it's not a very good track underneath it all.


i thought it was a uk garage kid, when i heard it coming from a nearby computer at work today.
it's a really weird move , a bit shit really.