Do Brits make the best breakfasts in the world?


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Its all about the brekkie roll in Ireland, but the service station versions are largely to be avoided. DIY is best. Apologies for the song.

top stuff Colz!

the oatcakes of north Staffordshire are a fine thing, egg and bacon and so on wrapped inside, cheese, what have you. it's much the same in many parts of the world isn't it, some sort of bread with stuff inside, a breakfast burrito across the pond, a brekkie roll in Ireland (or barm or cob or breadcake in parts of Britain i don't doubt).

the most i would go for in a brekkie roll is two pudding (one white, one black would be particularly exquisite), one fried egg done over easy, two sausages (sliced length ways ideally as i am fussy), and two rashers of bacon, so very similar to Colz' vid.
and then please red sauce, not brown, i know ketchup is a bit poncy in the eyes of some compared to brown but i just prefer it as a brekkers condiment.

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That sounds like a Norwegian breakfast - WHICH I LOVE. Great bread, great cheese, great cold meats like salmon, prawns, salami etc, jam and copious amounts of black coffee. Their national specialty brown cheese is great too. It's a soft, smooth cheese that has a strong caramel flavour. Best cheese in the world

prawns for breakfast?? why not, i would happily eat them anytime :) - or, i do in countries where they are fresh, and not more expensive by weight than gold.

what's the cheese called? i bet they have it at borough market... interested.


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prawns for breakfast?? why not, i would happily eat them anytime :) - or, i do in countries where they are fresh, and not more expensive by weight than gold.

what's the cheese called? i bet they have it at borough market... interested.

(my bold.) LOL at this!


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yes, my g/f does this for me, sometimes, well nearly never, when she does though, its reallly nice :D

i agree :cool:

the sensible thing about over easy if you're putting the egg in a breakfast barm is - aside from the pleasant tang of fried on both sides - that, of course, the yolk doesn't get to running, which being fastidious suits me.

of course you may want an egg in a sandwich to run, fair play, remember the caff in Withnail?!


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Probably a good time to tell you she doesnt make the egg run either, special technique that is, the only other person i know who can do that is (hold the jokes please) my mum...


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autumnal bump to note recent good fry-up venues as i have been enjoying everyone's lists of caffs earlier in the thread

full English at the Rosy Lea caff by Morden station - excellent bubble here, it really was nice. great, doorstep toast, very tasty, and a good brew, just under a fiver, quality and quantity both

lovely brekkers at the OK Cafe, Piccadilly, Manchester yday, very enjoyable sausage and slightly strange but excellent toast, all well - cheap instant coffee smartly made to look better than it was via frother-upper nozzle and my mates enjoyed their nosebag too, splendid egg, i thought the tea was looking a bit weak going in but it was just right

Papa Dels opposite Highgate tube that Straight mentions sounds well nice.

there's an Italian caff on Carshalton high street that is fine and a more traditional greasy spoon in a parade of shops just round the corner, both really enjoyable when i've been in recently, the latter in particular not scrimping on portions, volcanic sausages and good toms and a calendar from a Catford business adoring the walls, that's local service for you


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i was auckland visiting some family the other day and i got bubble made with kumera instead of potato with two poached eggs and hollandaise sauce. ...
that was pretty amazing.


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Sushi and dark stout...damn, I've got to try that. Edit: actually, not so surprising, as seafood and stout is a traditional combo. Simple fish dishes also go well with toasted brown bread.

Scrambled eggs on toast, with blue cheese melted into the eggs, is a perennial favourite here. Hmm, this should probably go into the Brit Breakfasts thread.
Reminds me I haven't had Kedgeree for ages. That's a good one, just for the name.

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I invented something the other day that turned out to be quite nice: grated apple mixed with a little lemon juice and white vinegar, plus sugar to take the edge off the sharpness and a dash of Tabasco for kick, left in the fridge overnight. Then served as a condiment with bacon and black pudding the next morning, though I can see it working well with pretty much any pork-based meat product. Could liven up a cheese-n-ham sandwich, maybe.

This should probably go in the 'flavour combos' thread, never mind.


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always envious of a hunters style breakfast. 'stalkers' or the classic
truffle-hunter breaky (fried eggs & black truffles), both sound mouth-watering and would do the trick after a morning out.


this is probably sacrilege to y'all, but who else poaches eggs in clingfilm?

when you've got multiple mouths to feed, it's the only way.
(though i'm shit at poaching the 'normal' way, so i tend to use the clingfilm technique even i'm poaching for one)

Also, why is porridge sometimes spelt "porage", as in Scott's Porage Oats?