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doesn anyone know much about this? i'm sure it only started making an appearance on the pirates in about 95, 96. is this right? i couldn't get into it at first but then the mad energy took control and i used to enjoy the soca shows on stations like klymaxx etc. all i can remember though is the name square one and an amazing who let the dogs out song. obviously there's not a big soca scene in sydney but i stole a few songs of interent and they sound really good. its actually easier listening to isolated songs than two hours of uninterrupted soca.
any knowledge to share?


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i hope Simon silverdollar reads this.

he once made me a splendid CD that he played for me as we bounced around some of the low hills of west Cheshire in the sun, soca on his car system, Si explaining some of the things about the (ridiculous) UK Independence Party that their leadership don't like you to know


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Some classic tunes I unreservedly recommend:

Dawg E Slaughter-Trample
Shurwayne Winchester ft. Elephant Man-Adrenaline
Ajala-Chutney Parang Soca
Faye Ann Lions-Get On
Machel Montano-Higher than High
Bunji Garlin-Get on Bad

That's all stuff in the fast, manic vein. There's the whole flipside of slower pop ragga type stuff which I'm not so fond of.

simon silverdollar

funny, i was dancing to Destra Garcia 'Bonnie and Clyde' only last night! the ultimate soca tune as far i'm concerned.

nice to have you back here Scott!


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"Mr. Undertaker buil' 'im a coffin!

Tell Dem boi dem, wheel & come again, my selector, wheel & come again, pull it up, pull it up, wheel & come again!!!"

Ricky TTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

'Wheel & Come Again'

'Pressure Boom'


"Dem nah bad like we, dem nah mad like we"

Skinny Fabulous 'Head Bad'

Roy Cape Allstars - 'Breathless' <- Road Mix for full hype, altho there is a chutney remix which is pretty sick as well, dhols it out!

Most of my Soca is on my other computer tho,

lately I been feeling; Mikey ' Explosion & the Road Mix of 'Go Stabby' by Stabby De Guard which is like 7 mins of build up & daft chants / vocal loops!


"Yes, Yes, Yes - Yes Boss"

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funny, i was dancing to Destra Garcia 'Bonnie and Clyde' only last night! the ultimate soca tune as far i'm concerned.

nice to have you back here Scott!
i remember you going on about this on sdc once and me having a half-arsed look for it on the internet, not finding it and forgetting about it. anyway, i just found it on youtube now, and it is amazing. AMAZING. i'm listening to it and i can't stop smiling.


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anywhere you can buy soca vinyl in london/on the net? been looking for a while but haven't come across much.


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you can get a few 7"s from soundquake but they're mostly a few years old

soca is almost entirely a cd/mp3 format

honest jons did a 12" of the doogla riddim (maximus dan, massive gosine etc) a few years back that was cool as well and you can get older calypso stuff on vinyl


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You can get vinyl of the Soca Gold compilations on Amazon (although 2008 hasn't materialised yet), and there's the "Lif up Yuh Leg an Trample" 2xLP on Honest Jons. As for new releases though, I don't think it's gonna happen unless you're cutting dubs.

simon silverdollar

I really like Tempo FM - a soca pirate in London. 94.2 fm i think.


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