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Hey mate
Cheers for the mention of Marcus Filly on here a while back. I started following him on IG and his Persist:Minimalist course has been my lockdown salvation. Feel like I'm getting fit again after years and years off. Cheers! Sorry for PMing but I have literally no one else I can talk to about this stuff
john eden
john eden
Messaging system also visible under “What’s new” top left so maybe delete the personal email my man? hope you are good.
padraig (u.s.)
thx John I didn't realize this was a profile and not private messaging

things are how they are

hope you're well as well
I moved that block off the "What's new" page so people won't see that stuff unless they look around for it, still public though.
check yer dms m8 im going to sleep now you're on the bord of directors you gotta give instructions to the manager.
aren't you a famous dj or something or am i remembering something from a soundcloud lsd hallucination.
Clarissa, luv, don't leave me on the pitch alone tonight. the communist music crit will be perfected on the dissensus borg.