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  • god yeah of course- that all sounds brilliant- October is likely to be the better bet as i'm fully booked for september now (i will just check that though). I've been workign every day without a break for the last 3 weeks so i've not been checking in here so i'll get back on the ball now...
    Hi Jonny

    By now we have set a few things ...
    And at this time, we are discussing with Simon @ Ballardian about these pieces ending up on a 'coffee table book with CD' edition of Ballardian tba.

    Sept. 6 WFMU JG Ballard broadcast with
    Atrocity Exhibition Chap. 1,
    Time, Memory And Inner Space ,
    Drowned World by Mark Fisher ( possibly a remix by ?)
    & Serial Angels, Billenium and Ice Planet by outpost plus interview.

    Oct. 24 JG Ballard performance @ Monkeytown, Brooklyn with
    Atrocity Ex. Chapters 1 & 4 "You, Coma, Marilyn Monroe"
    Time, Memory ...
    Drowned World
    Serial Angels, Billenium, Ice Planet
    JG influenced music mix ( The Normal, John Foxx ... )
    and video on four surround screens.

    Maybe we can bring these pieces to your show sometime in Sept. or Oct...
    Thanks for your consideration and hope all is well on your end.
    Cheers on the cont. shows

    Hi again Johnny

    Re: A Ballard tribute thing .
    Just to keep you posted , it's been building.

    I was away over the wkend , but by now it appears there is :
    Well known alt radio station here , WFMU can provide a Studio to record some stuff ( narrations/ live scores) and 'cast for this area ( NYC / NJ ) +
    Ballardian site in Australia wants to collab and is working up things from their side , invaluble partners hopefully.
    Mark / K- Punk offers to remix his sonic rendering of "Drowned World".
    And Brooklyn club / restuarant Monkeytown would give us a night say, in June to perform some of this .

    If we can snag Throbbing Gristle or members thereof, V Vale from Research and some other choice music/ art/ texts - it's shaping up.

    Let you know as things progress, will try to being it all in over the course of the next weeks.
    See no reason to hurry this into being.
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