There's one short story he did, maybe it's a sequence from one of the novels, it's where he's working as the night Watchman at one of the caravan camps on the Costa brava, near Barcelona, and it's about this old guy who he sort of befriends, cos this guy just comes and sits up all night with him, getting drunk. And over time he tells him his story, I can't remember what the story is, it doesn't really matter, perhaps it's about how he's french and he's lived in a few countries, but I think at one point the old guy maybe starts to weep uncontrollably, cos of something he's done, or something he's remembered. I feel quite certain that bolano never tells you the thing, he just manages to express the moment in a very precise way.

Those are the bits I really like, where there's this build and then a release, bit you never get to find out what exactly, and of course it doesn't matter.

The third Reich is good for this reason, the sense of dread just builds and builds, with the characters being pushed to their limits and their interplays become very complex.

He's great, you should read more of him.