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    Some of this stuff can be dismissed as "you thought of the colour blue so you're more attuned to it" but that doesn't explain the stuff that pops up apropos of nothing. I started reading a book with Goya's Witches' Flight on the cover a few days ago then last night saw Christoph De Babalon had a new record out, clicked through and he'd used the same painting on the sleeve. It's a famous painting, but still. Why does it just happen to appear whilst I'm reading a book with it on the cover?

    Last year there were three celebrities who died the day after I'd spoken to someone about them. I can't remember who the others were, but one of them was Toni Morrison. A mate and I randomly started talking about her then she died the next day. Once is whatever, but three times made me uneasy.

    Anyone have any similar experiences? I reckon we've all had at least one.

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    I emailed a mate the other day to discuss new Dean blunt releases and we got around to talking about ar Kane who I've never thought are similar but then he sent me a link to something by a guy called Simon Scott who plays in the band slowdive, but makes ambient drone stuff in his spare time. We were emailing throughout the day and then an email comes in from boomkat announcing Simon Scott's new album... So of course had to listen after he had just been telling me about the guy (friend doesn't get the boomkat updates).

    Not earth shattering I know, but it did make me listen to the guy

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    This happens with new words. I'll see or hear a new word every few months or so and then all of a sudden its in conversations people are having nearby, in a podcast I'm listening to and even in forum convos. The last word like that was heel. As in wrestling or film character.
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    Quote Originally Posted by version View Post
    A mate and I randomly started talking about her then she died the next day.
    evil superpowers...turn this into a Hollywood screenplay, sell it to Jordan peele.

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