me and the boy craner ( ) inaugerated the 2005 walking season by going
scaling the beckton alp and admiring the view. this was pretty exhilerating. better in fact than the view from stratford's multi-storey carpark. a black patch with charred wood and ashes showed someone had had a fire on the summit. that seemed like a good thing to do. i hope they did it at night. driving past and seeing the alp aflame in the middle of the night would be an eerie sight.
i might lead an expedition up beckton alp later in the year.
come down
wandered about
got hungry
ate crisps
found our way to the lighthouse on the thames
it was open
went inside
the sun was setting
the sunset was reflected on the water and the windows of the office blocks.
three herons were fishing on the mudbanks.
that was good.
went to canary wharf. drank coffee. read paper. came home.
the end.
(the picture at the top of citta violenta is the view from the lighthouse)