1. Tentative Andy

    Music is bad

    Let's be honest now. No-one hear listens to that crap, do they?
  2. Q

    U2 Album Discography Available for Free Via Myspace

    Recently there has been a controversy over how U2's latest album 'No Line On The Horizon' (currently due for release on the 3rd of March 2008) had leaked to the internet. The leak of major music albums is now a news event and can arguably help drive fans to their computer in search of a free...
  3. slackk

    Awesome Tapes From Africa

    Making the assumption that this doesn't already exist somewhere here and knowing that there are some "world" music heads; great site, I have no idea what any of this stuff I'm listening to is at all and I don't really care. just got put onto this by a...
  4. P

    Make BoBono History: Confronting the Geldof-Bono Obsenity

    Make BoBono History: Confronting the Geldof-Bono Obscenity Greetings. As this is my first post to this forum, brevity shall necessarily prevail. We've probably all forgotten that mischievous non-event already, but ... "The repeated claim from onstage multi-millionaires that the audience were...
  5. HMGovt’s Glorious Return!

    Forget Live8 - does Africa need a Caliph8?

    Saw this posted on another forum, I'm not yet sure of the source, but it's an interesting take on the problem of making poverty history in Africa: "In the midst of this comes ‘Live 8’, a music concert organised by Bob Geldof and Bono, campaigning to ‘make poverty history’. Their agenda only...
  6. haji

    LIVE 8 - Anyone?

    ... anyone prepared to admit they're going? ;) my2p: at £1.50 no money will be raised on the door - better really if they charged £30 per ticket - that's gonna bring in plenty $$$ & if it's all for publicity then sir st bob geldorf should cancel the gig & immolate himself live on BBC 'for the...
  7. Woebot


    Simon tried to slip this in at the RIU&SA panel, claiming that of the post-punk brigade (and indeed beyond that in the entire field of music) only Bono and his gang have managed to keep alive the link between Music and Life. So cheeky! It would have made the perfect point for a spectacular...