LIVE 8 - Anyone?


... anyone prepared to admit they're going? ;)

at £1.50 no money will be raised on the door - better really if they charged £30 per ticket - that's gonna bring in plenty $$$
& if it's all for publicity then sir st bob geldorf should cancel the gig & immolate himself live on BBC 'for the cause'


Darned cockwombles.
Agree with that, save that Bob should burn Sting and Bono on a big 'ironic' (for Bono) bonfire rather than indulge in self-immolation. Don't mind Geldof at all, just his followers.

Does anyone else think that the furore over people selling tickets on ebay was ridiculous and rather sanctimonious? They're only making money off U2 fans, for God's sakes.


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This should be the headline in the papers:

Concert designed to oppose the decisions of an elite cabal instead raises awareness and acceptance for it.


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mpc said:
bob gandolf is gonna save the world.

i believe in him

I agree - once elton john and pete doherty launch themselves into children of the revolution, all you cynics will see the light


did anyone see chris martin break into status quo? disturbing stuff

flicking between philly and eden project mainly - caught kayne west's stuff - did it for me

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Badmarsh said:
cynic!! it was far from rubbish!!!!

Each to their own and all that, I just found myself wishing that all the artist would die every 3 seconds instead. Utterly fucking pointless. Plus, who the fuck was that aimed at? White middle aged Guardian readers at a guess...


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Did anyone see the scrolling text on the stage? At one point the text came up, "Since this concert has started, 10,000 African children have died".

Nice to see Bob Geldolf on a good ole killing spree, poor kids only wanted some food.


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Did they say anything about the truth, that we have to give up a big part of our wealth to end poverty?


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Live8 made me feel like the boy outside the bubble. It appeared to all be happening in a completely different universe, its not just that none of the 'stars' mean anything whatsoever to me, its also that i'm pretty cut-off from the dominant media channels. I haven't once sat down and watched the news in 5 years and I've never bought newspapers. I'm totally in the dark about almost all the specifics. Was it free? Did they give tickets away in some kind of lottery? wtf....

Live Aid in strict contrast. Maybe it was just being a kid (almost certainly) but i was completely hooked onto that. You'll laugh but i actually recorded the whole thing onto c90s (which i never listened to, pretty much echoing my experience of taping the pirates ;)) So yeah i'm pretty much convinced its not a case of one being more 'relevant' than the other.

I wonder if Live Aid seemed as completely surreal to the cynics as Live8 does to me now? Maybe it's just having done my own likkle continental jaunt, which was practically the opposite of Live Aid (ground-level musical connections between US diaspora and West African, operating in almost total obscurity, intending to highlight equality rather than disparity, not anticipating having any effect whatsoever) that makes the whole exercise of Live8 sort of grate on my nerves.

Actually I think the good intentions behind Live8 DO count for something (unlike but still the enthusiasm and optimism are appallingly misplaced arent they? What's a proper reaction to caring about another an entire other continent? (scratches head) How do you 'care' about a whole continent anyway?

What I found especially weird was that in Geldof's pain-stakingly assembled Africa report (which I read in detail), the document which "gathered dust on the shelf" the entire emphasis was on trying to procure good governance, to attempt to curtail corruption in Africa. It's secondary emphasis was upon attempting to improve the countries infrastructure and in educating a class of African's to become teachers and doctors. It set all it's sights squarely upon long-term objectives. And Geldof backed this to the hilt, especially the parts about 'good governance'

Yet here he is six months or so down the line saying that the whole issue of "good governance" is a smokescreen. Demanding immediate debt relief, saying that the one is only possible without the other. Paraphrasing him "How do you expect these downtrodden dictorships to react anyway, theres so little money around that when they get their hands on it they try and keep it all to themselves and steal it..." (scratches head)


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jeffthedeaf said:
Did anyone see the scrolling text on the stage? At one point the text came up, "Since this concert has started, 10,000 African children have died".

Nice to see Bob Geldolf on a good ole killing spree, poor kids only wanted some food.

My favourite scrolling message was: "8 people can change the world".

Now that America has a good oil supply I think they should redirect their forces into Africa to distribute food and clothing directly. This will bypass the corrupt governments.


after disputing with the pro-geldof faction at work i dug around the gooleverse for "geldof mengistu"

1stly i find that bob did to his credit apparently call mengistu a cunt to his face (is that detail from his autobiography perhaps?)

but read on & i remember how bob's brave refusal to deal with politics meant that liveaid basically gave all of their aid to the regime who used it in their forced mass deportation campaigns in tigray. who can say in the end whether mengistu even was propped up by liveaid & the sudden influx of aid after the faminebecame public.
the live8 mission seems vague enough to be meaningless as far as i can tell & the sincerity of those celebs makes my stomach turn tbh :(