countersurveillance tactics

  1. bandshell

    Censorship, Surveillance & Apathy

  2. B

    out of body experience support group

    perhaps this should be for miscellaneous, but only if you subscribe to the destructive humankind-nature false dichotomy or something, maybe. i was reading a page in a copy of the wire written by mark pilkington (of strange attractor magazine) where he mentioned having an out of body experience...
  3. B


    Just got a scam e-mail pretending to be from the Nigerian Fraud Squad, offering to reimburse me for money lost to onlne scammers. Amazing.
  4. Z

    d r u g s

    clarificiation: i personally prefer the expanded definition of "drugs" to include any external mood altering stimulant, such as food or TV. but for the purpose of this discussion we shall stay with the common definition of "illegal narcotics". YOU SHOUDL VOTE FOR YOUR ILLEGAL NARCOTIC OF...
  5. sufi

    email counter-surveillance

    anyone got any good tips to share? :cool:
  6. luka

    Invent Neo-Con strategies

    the neo-cons are the most fun bunch of politicians in living memory, those guys have got big balls, they've got vision and the will to see those visions become reality outflank the neo-cons, preempt their policies... invent your own neo-con strategies, the more bold the better Build mosques...