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  1. Ian Scuffling

    Peckinpah and Zahler

    Noticed version posts a lot of director threads and he suggested I start one on these two. Finally got around to watching Brawl in Cell Block 99 last night and was discussing Bone Tomahawk with a friend. After my post yesterday about the way P and Z handle violence got me thinking about the...
  2. Corpsey

    The Zone of Interest

    I went to see this on Monday night. I have been turning it over in my mind ever since. Questions about how effective it was to keep the Nazi protagonists at a distance from us. How effective it was to leave all atrocities more or less off-screen. Where it shaded into pretension, etc. That said...
  3. luka

    version what type of girl do you go for

    describe your 'type'
  4. Corpsey

    Films you've seen recently and would recommend WITH reservations

    Top Gun: Maverick I saw this at the cinema earlier this year and like most people who saw it (I presume), came out of it thinking fucking hell that was GREAT. Rewatched tonight with my parents and for a big chunk of it was thinking "oh, it's actually a bit shit – all this rubbish dialogue and...
  5. luka

    what does dialectical mean?

    explain what you mean when you use the word. dont quote a wikipedia entry. i want peoples personal and idiosyncratic interpretations. its the most commonly used word on twitter but what do people really mean by it?
  6. luka

    the kantbot nexus

    these are my favourite twitter accounts at the moment. in the hallowed tradition of anglo/american cranks. part bullshit, part autism, part genius, part mental illness
  7. Corpsey

    Stuff Version Might Like

  8. luka

    Life Under Biden.

    What changes do you expect once Biden is big boss man? How will the world be different?
  9. luka

    Meditations on Killah Priest. By Oliver Craner.

    this is what we've been waiting for. a series of thought provoking essays on the Killah Priest Mythos alongside some surgical dissections of individual songs from this sprawling ouvrere.
  10. luka

    Conor McGregor.

    Pride of Ireland. This is a sad story. A very, very sad story. An old story, but brutal all the same. I related to Conor. I look just like him. Runty, ginger bearded stock from the scrubby margins. Like him I've been on top of the world, people screaming my name, telling me I'm a hero, and I've...
  11. Leo

    Artificial intelligence officially gets scary

    haven't seen this covered in mainstream tech media so it could be rumor/conspiracy theory/fake news but either way, we're probably (eventually) fucked! Facebook Shuts Down AI System After Bots Create Language Humans Can't Understand...
  12. droid


    Just heard this very shocking and sad news. RIP
  13. L

    saddam is the bravest leader of all

    ya you may find it weird,espesially with the media crab that they are stuffing our minds with about saddam,saddam is that and this,just remember that iraq is a independent country that was invaided from a foreigen one, and his mistake was that he defended his own,and now he is dead,did"nt the...