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    The Dissensus Framework

    Hello new posters and welcome to the forum. A small contingent of us have developed an ever expanding aesthetic framework which we on occasion make reference to. Of course the vast majority of users have no interest in it whatsoever, so it is by no means necessary to understand it to enjoy the...
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  3. luka


    relinquish the earth-suit. no more Schuman the Human. show's cancelled people. i know, and dont need reminding that the first recorded music is the first real break here.i know dematerialisation doesn't begin with the digital. i also know the digital doesnt begin in the '00s and yet it seems...
  4. luka

    method acting/role play supercedes irony as cultural strategy

    This is the wave of the present and has been for years now
  5. bruno

    the late night city aesthetic

    i once lived for a year in an apartment complex, a brutalist social housing thing built in the 1960s. for all its desolation it was cheap and i was treated to a spectacular view of airplanes leaving the airport in the distance, very large windows that bled into the city. i was engulfed by the...
  6. D

    is "repoire" a word in the english language?

    as in, "i have a good repoire with people on dissensus" as in, "we developed a good business repoire over the years" i ask because i can't find the word in any dictionary
  7. luka

    things you have noticed.

    things which have caught your eye recently. 1.a foundry worker pushing a rusty wheelbarrow with a large hole in the bottom.