1. sufi


    2 new words i learned today : Sonde & Riffle
  2. C


    OK, so not really. But sort of a theoretical stance. 'The vegetable way' as something to ponder. This is the key text, which contains the idea. From Jacques Tournier's 'Friday, Or the Other Island' (1967). Tourneur was a school friend of Deleuze's who failed his Philosophy Professor exams, so...
  3. Woebot

    Herbal Remedies

    @constant escape @thirdform for neurotransmitter regulation i have tried ashwaganda valerian root cannabidiol none of which were useful BUT having a lot of luck with liquorice also investigating bacopa and will report back
  4. luka

    The Puppets

    How do we feel about Greta Thunbergs and Malala Yousafzais? The people selected by particular interest blocs to be the face of that cause, until that is, that outlive their usefulness at which point they are discarded. Pop stars serve an near identical purpose. Funded, tutored, put on...
  5. luka

    which side of the river be LON and which of the sides be DON?

    let the people decide.
  6. B

    Locative Art / GPS Technology

    Inspired by the new William Gibson novel, Spook Country, i have been researching Locative Art. It's a fascinating field and i'm still ploughing through the net for information on it. It seems to be taking psychogeography into the 21st century. I was just wondering if any dissensians have much...