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Inspired by the new William Gibson novel, Spook Country, i have been researching Locative Art. It's a fascinating field and i'm still ploughing through the net for information on it. It seems to be taking psychogeography into the 21st century.

I was just wondering if any dissensians have much information to offer on the subject, which wikipedia defines thusly:

Locative Art is the name given to the type of art, which uses locative media such GPS or Wi-Fi as its medium. It is a sub-category of Interactive Art or New Media Art, which explores the relationships between the real world and the virtual or between people, places or objects in the real world.

Further background here

Some interesting links courtesy of wiki

* The Cellphabet
* Itinerant
* Geograffiti
* Come Closer Squid Soup
* GPS Drawing Jeremy Wood
* Day of the Figurines Blast Theory
* Oscillating Windows Katherine Moriwaki
* Roaming Novel Stefan Schemat
* Urban Tapestries Proboscis
* Milk Leva Auzina and Ester Polak

Sound Mapping is a particularly interesting sub-discipline:

Sound Mapping is a participatory work of sound art made for outdoor environments. The work is installed in the environment by means of a Global Positioning System (GPS), which tracks movement of individuals through the space. Participants wheel four movement-sensitive, sound producing suitcases to realise a composition that spans space as well as time. The suitcases play music in response to nearby architectural features and the movements of individuals. Sound Mapping aims to assert a sense of place, physicality and engagement to reaffirm the relationship between art and the everyday.

Thoughts and links would be much appreciated
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