linebaugh's balls ground into dust

  1. Clinamenic

    things linebaugh will love

  2. luka

    Linebaugh's Balls Ground Into Dust

    What is the origin of this tag? What did it originally refer to?
  3. IdleRich

    Liza Tron & Idle Rich @ Ferro Bar Porto, Friday 14th Jan 11pm until 5am

    That's basically it, the prosaic title tells you pretty much everything. Except the price on the door... which I myself don't know. Anyway, Ferro Bar is a pretty cool spot on the edge of the hill by the bridge thing, it's Liza and I playing whatever the fuck we want all night for the first time...
  4. V

    Captain Jack's Jewels

    A thread for Lucky Jack Law to bless us with his treasures, acquired during years of fruitful adventures circling the coast of Cyprus.
  5. sus


    We've talked about the front stage and performance, the way we make ourselves legible or illegible strategically (to resist taxation regimes, to get a foul call in football). We've talked about masks. Let's talk about the backstage. What goes on behind the masks. What happens to you when you're...
  6. sus

    The Front

    Since Stan is promising to show us his rosy cheeks soon, I think it's time to talk about the front, the face. The front stage of social life, the space where so much of dramatic action occurs. The public persona, the mask. And of course any other meanings/resonances of the front. The front...
  7. linebaugh

    Myspace Chic

    This is the vanguard aesthetic of the youth (and beyond). it is whats cool today. a freind of mine calls it 'gay demon fairy.' weve gestured towards it in a few different threads but I think it warrants its own look
  8. sus

    Happy Black Friday Caroline Polachek

    Clearly some Kate Bush stuff happening in this music vid. One of 2020's better music essays—on crushing, Catholicism, the role of fantasy. Pairs well with Alexandra Molotkow's "An Erotics of Hypochondria"...
  9. HMGovt’s Glorious Return!

    Wuhan Killer Sneeze (thanks Tea)

    Fuck it, let's manufacture another wave of infection.
  10. sus

    Suspended's thread

    It's like deconstructed Beach Boys, Robbe-Grillet plays "Sloop John B.," the way Jealousy is a deconstructed take on a Jane Austen film except written 30 years in advance.
  11. S

    Brooklyn Drill

    Might as well give it its own thread. I was pretty ambivalent about it, but there are a couple of bits on Meet The Woo 2 that move it beyond an awkward aping of UK drill. Faint shimmers from the stargate that you wouldn’t get in the UK. Flirtations with Uriel. Seraphic glimmers. There’s...
  12. IdleRich

    Classic Films on Youtube

    I'm rubbish at finding and downloading films so help me out here - inspired by Nochexxx linking to the entirety of Duel and The Last Broadcast in the films thread I'd like people to put up simple links that work for good films. I'll start off with this one - cheers
  13. Mr. Tea

    Since it's been a while since we had an Israel/Palestine thread...

    ...I just saw this on and it looked worth commenting on: So does anyone think the US will try and make Israel actually, you know, do anything about this?