modest proposal

  1. STN

    Cats or Dogs?

    Which do you prefer, and why?
  2. IdleRich

    Does it matter if species become extinct?

    Deliberately (and admittedly so) provocative article here but is he right? Any thoughts?
  3. D

    CERN Large Hadron Collider big bang experiment

    Has anyone managed to view the live feed? All seems to be going well so far anyhow, according to this: And the earth hasn't been swallowed up by a black hole just yet. :cool:
  4. N

    Entrances to Hell around the UK

    Underlow emits a constant whining sound which ebbs and flows with the moon. It is protected by a foul gas and stands on marshy ground. The nearest settlement is a tiny hamlet named Churchwick which was abandoned during the First World War. An ideal outlet when discretion is necessary. Radiation...
  5. A

    why dubsteppers should forget about myspace, facebook, virb...

    this topic was about a totally different thing, but since after someone calls you "nob" here, lots of people jump in very interested to look at what you have to offer, i changed my point... so i was promoting a social network, underlining its strong points that are making it better than the...
  6. T

    My plan to destroy Capitalism...

    Capitalism IS inevitable. Or more precisely, the world as it is today (of which Capitalism is a part) exists as the natural result of a cause/effect cycle that has been going on since the Big Bang. A natural ebbing/flowing of energies and the laws of physics and a reflection of what it means...
  7. k-punk

    Why Dissensus?

    The word 'dissensus' came to me while I was sitting on the 28th floor of Centrepoint a few weeks ago. They took me to the top of the mountain The view was of course stunning, literally sublime: London in all its unmanageable vastness, seen from both above and from its very heart. It was high...