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  1. shiels

    Words and phrases to cancel

    Former and latter - most of the time I have to go back to read the order you mentioned the things just because you want to sound clever - just repeat the things. Now you'll say ah but what if the are two complicated arguments without a name, its handy to summarise. NO write a better paragraph...
  2. luka

    'The Future' Weaponized For Intergenerational Warfare.

    I'm not stupid I do understand why third and (occasionally) Barty want to undo the power of this framework because it very obviously is used as a way to dismiss whole generations.
  3. Corpsey


    To discuss new coinings, trendy terms, the shifting meaning of words etc. Prompted by noting the ongoing reappropriation of the word "snowflake" BY liberals to annoy conservatives. What current slanguage do you rate, and wot do you hate? What does the slang tell us (if anything) about the...