shamanic mong face

  1. HMGovt’s Glorious Return!

    Mongol bangers

  2. version

    Nicolas Cage

    In February 2011, Cage said that, at a certain point in his career, he realized that he had developed his own method of acting, which he described as "Nouveau Shamanic." He noted, "at some point I'll have to write a book" about it. Cage later explained that he drew the inspiration for the name...
  3. droid

    Dissensus Convocation

    May 26th or 27th, somewhere in London. How about it?
  4. P


    There's no one quite like him is there? One of my favourite producers around even though he's hardly released any new material this year (can't stop listening to 'Three EPs'). This mix he did for Mary Anne Hobbs in August is outstanding - or Fabric...
  5. sufi

    The new Ethnomusicology

    (Now i see why woebot never gets comments on his website, so we'll have to rehearse this discussion over here) i almost posted this some time back when i read this sycophancy bollocks, but interesting bollix nonetheless...
  6. Alfons

    Die Antwoord

    The internet went boom on these guys like boingboing put it ( youtube vids: This stuff creeps me out but fascinates me at the same time. The band members are artists and this kind of seems like...
  7. T

    i just looked at the 'search tag cloud' thing in the user profile here

    and it comes up with: 天野尚 *cums in a sock* animism vs. cybernetics aquacrunk baroness phwoaarr!-si belly full of crap blackathena black athena brave but foolish broad cumbucket butt doctor capitalism clenched epistle cunts dubstep fuck dog funky finney fush grubby t-shirt salesmen guru josh i'm...
  8. luka


    not me but some of you
  9. STN

    Thee Flatmate Ritual

    I like these little rituals that evolve between cohabitants. Me and my old flatmate used to do this thing called flamingo fighting where you hop around shrieking and slapping each other until one of you puts a foot down, losing the fight. My current one is that we brush our teeth vigorously...
  10. T

    can we have a ysi thread

    just for contributors to link to a single track each post, rather than a rar of the entire oeuvre of sun ra or whatever, and without an obligation to contextualise
  11. M

    Pointless But It Does My Head In

    People who sign emails and posts at the end with: Peace People who talk too loud People who are late People who call and don't leave a message and sometimes just People...