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i know for a fact that eden and martin used to strip off and dance naked under moonlight to invoke the gods.


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while grevious angel pounded out a dionysian rhythm on the bongos, invoking the celebrants to ever greater hieghts of frenzy


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writing for me is a magic(k)al practice
in the interests of full disclosure
im not asking anyone to offer themselve up for ridicule.

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I knew before I even looked at this thread that you'd started it.

Now THAT'S magic(k)!

Edit: they're talking about Derren Brown in the TV thread. I reckon that man is a charlatan, viz. a telepath masquerading as a very astute psychologist.
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more issues than Time mag
The Holy Church of Sexmagick sounds like more fun than it is. When I first heard of it I thought wow this is awesome. Then I realized it's just faerie worship + a bunch of people who like to wear body paint while they fuck.


Darned cockwombles.
what exactly did derren brown do last night? I was reading through comments in the Guardian, but got bored before I could figure out exactly what the lottery trick was (obv he guessed the numbers that would come up, but what was the set-up?).