psychic self defense

  1. craner

    Increasing Physical Energy Levels

    How can I do this?
  2. B

    out of body experience support group

    perhaps this should be for miscellaneous, but only if you subscribe to the destructive humankind-nature false dichotomy or something, maybe. i was reading a page in a copy of the wire written by mark pilkington (of strange attractor magazine) where he mentioned having an out of body experience...
  3. Z

    The (lack of the) Mysterious

    in a tangent from the Giving Up Coffee thread in which Chaotropic started telling amazing stories about his cryptozoological expeditions. it does make sense and i understand/agree with/am all for those reasons. but at the same time it also makes counter-sense: in the act of "destroying" the...
  4. S

    What is interzone?

    Definitions sought... Philosophical, literal, psychological, clerical or otherwise...
  5. luka


    not me but some of you
  6. M

    Spam - Att Ov Admins

    Looks like the Bots have got in and are sending spam by PM - this user sent me a mail about DVDs - mpprofiec
  7. john eden

    annoying electrical hum pon the Hi-Fi

    My stereo has started humming, it is a pisser. I've tried twidling with the wires and all that but to no avail. Does it just mean my amp is fucked?
  8. D


    all factual television programmes now are made like blue bloody peter. it's all about the presenter's journey. there was this programme called coast on, and it was all about how the presenter was going in a jet. woah! anyway, they'll build up this whole emotional story and then impart like a...
  9. andysays

    decent books on how the mind works

    anyone know of any? i've been wanting to learn about this for a long time. i started reading, uhh, 'How the Mind Works' by Steven Pinker but it hasnt really grabbed me yet - too much about comparing the brain to computer networks and not enough about human behaviour/psychology. and whenever i...
  10. B


    Just got a scam e-mail pretending to be from the Nigerian Fraud Squad, offering to reimburse me for money lost to onlne scammers. Amazing.
  11. luka

    psychic self-defence

    there are many people tampering with my conciousness. they keep trying to plant sexual thoughts in my head. to link their product or service with a state of sexual arousal. i find this invasive. they do this with voice and image and suggestion. they do it with rhythm and sound. my animal...
  12. B

    Books with life-changing qualities

    Maybe this should go in AL&F, but I am meaning books both fictional and non-fictional. Indeed, primarily the latter. I am almost through Erich Fromm's 'The Art of Loving', and it is extraordinary in its disentanglement of a whole raft of presuppositions and 'feelings' that many of us have about...
  13. empty mirror

    surveillance in the arts

    there is almost a surveillance aesthetic. paranoiac. black/white. grainy. the wire: sneakers: the conversation: antonioni's blow up and di Palma's blow out fit in here---spectatorship, rear window morality (actually Hitchcock's rear window fits in here----even bits of mobile surveillance...
  14. Z

    Deeper Roots

    what little i know about revisionist history and the fictional divide between "east" and "west": during the first half of Greek empire everything came from Persia: food, music, technology, philosphy, mathematics, astronomy, religion, medicine, fashion, etc, etc, etc, etc. and it was not until...
  15. mos dan

    Weird things crawling on your face in the middle of the night

    PART 1 - Weta Okay, when my mate lived in New Zealand he had one of these fall on his face in the middle of the night "Weta can bite with powerful mandibles." It was as wide as his hand-span. Can you beat that? "Weta may have survived virtually unchanged since the Mesozoic era, although...
  16. Z

    Breathing Tricks that Work

    don't know if this is common knowledge but if you ever find your heart beating too fast for your liking and you can't make it stop: exhale completely. exhale again. hold. inhale slowly, only half way. hold. repeat until heart rate is lowered. usually within a couple of minutes. i read it in...
  17. Z

    d r u g s

    clarificiation: i personally prefer the expanded definition of "drugs" to include any external mood altering stimulant, such as food or TV. but for the purpose of this discussion we shall stay with the common definition of "illegal narcotics". YOU SHOUDL VOTE FOR YOUR ILLEGAL NARCOTIC OF...
  18. M


    To offset my Pointless thread, here's my Bless thread :) The Wire/Dexter/The First Coffee/William S. Burroughs/Virus TI/After Effect 6.5 and DOS 3.1
  19. Woebot

    Christian Spam Thread

    Dedicated to Christian Spam
  20. luka

    Invent Neo-Con strategies

    the neo-cons are the most fun bunch of politicians in living memory, those guys have got big balls, they've got vision and the will to see those visions become reality outflank the neo-cons, preempt their policies... invent your own neo-con strategies, the more bold the better Build mosques...