Rinse FM Going Legit


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Bizarrely according to the OFCOM site the current 'community' licenses in London are >

Resonance104.4FM - Community Arts
Voice of Africa 94.3FM - Newham African Community
Desi Radio - 1602 kHz MW Southall Indian Community

there are obviously latin & greek stations that come under some other license regs but it's a bit pitiful really, the extra 4 licenses are defo needed.


Just saw this...

That last bit is a surprise. I'd always heard that the vacated spectrum was being sold off to telcoms and the like.

Anyway, this one gets more into the complexities and confusion around switching over...

i'm increasingly hearing the voice from the pirate community that DAB has a questionable future. Once GCap pulled out of the medium, it didn't look good.


i'm increasingly hearing the voice from the pirate community that DAB has a questionable future. Once GCap pulled out of the medium, it didn't look good.

Yea I have been reading about DAB... And all over Europe its been a fail.


Some of you may already be aware of the fact that me and my radio show are returning to the airwaves - if you were, or are just hearing this for the first time here is all the info…

Beginning Wednesday 28th October and continuing roughly every 4 weeks after that, you can catch me on the UK’s best station for underground, forward-thinking electronic music – RINSE! I’ll be on rotation with some real heavyweights; namely dBridge and Instra:mental with the Autonomic show, and Friction & crew with the Shogun Audio show.

Be sure to tune in for the very best in Drum & Bass, Dubstep, House and more besides - 100.4 on your FM dial, http://www.rinse.fm on the worldwide web, and of course if you can’t join in for the live broadcast you’ll have the chance to grab the podcast here http://rinse.fm/index.php/..podcasts.

So to remind you:

Flight Presents ‘The Next Chapter’ Radio Show
Wednesday 28th October 2009 (and every 4 weeks thereafter)
Rinse FM
11pm - 1am (GMT)
100.4 FM


Obviously Heartless have joined Friday 7-9

I think L Vis 1990 joined as well on rotation with Heatwave now 1-3 Thursdays.

Brackles is 3-5pm Every Thursday...

Funk Butcher is monday 3-5pm

Rinse have beefed up the roster proper!


Brilliant for all involved and congratulations...


Has any pirate station actually improved after going legit? Wont they now have to pay publishing, do the news etc...?


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I don't know the intricacies but Fergal Sharkey pops up onna pdf linked to on rinse currently, saying they've got a community license, which is the same as Resonance. So if they have any new duties at all, perhaps it will be banging ska for Hackney pensioners, just as Resonance has mad great old cockneys rattling on about the 40's.


Great! So its legal without all the obligations of a national or regional broadcaster? Best of both worlds if so.

Presumably publishing will still have to be paid though?


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You know what, I'm going to ask a friend with connections to Resonance if he knows how all that stuff works.


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Well whoever wrote the application did a fine job, result ! Presumably it was Sarah Lockhart , Soulja?

Ofcom info here

cheers for the link.

so, you see those 16 other stations on that list that didn't receive the license... presumably they're operating as pirates yeah? now that ofcom has all their details how come ofcom doesn;t just go and shut them all down? i'm not at all saying i want that to happen btw.. just confused about how this all works.

i mean for eg rinse has been holding massive raves at big london clubs for years now whilst essentially operating as an illegal pirate station. how does that work?


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Always wondered that too.
Especially when they where in Matter and all that. They could hardly have been scouring the roof tops looking for them.

I wonder how they plan on covering all the extra costs and will they have to back date them ?


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Rinse.fm is an internet station

i hear you can pick it up on 100.3 but i am sure they have nothing to do with that.

to get in trouble for pirate radio you have to be caught in the act. studio/block.

This is great news for Rinse. Running a pirate is one of the hardest things I was ever in involved in.


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well done!!

does this mean the podcasts will stop though?

If some else does it I don't see a problem. They couldn't easily do it if was a load of licensed music. you have to obey the rules if legit. As for costs. The rates for PRS and radio licenses are much reduced for community stations and i imagine all the infrastructure is in place already.


who knows...
they got pretty aggy when depoh was trying to keep hosting the rinse shows back when that drama was unfolding.

doubt they'd appreciate it any less now going "legit" and all that.