People with great voices

Mr. Tea

Let's Talk About Ceps
Morgan Freeman.

I was thinking about Freeman...made me think of this straight away though:


(I can only assume there's a condition called 'manic paracusia'.)


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Charli 2Na going all Stentorian with Jurassic 5 always works.

That track with Roots Manuva is two great annunciators together.

But, yeah, Darcus Howe. And the guy who's kind of the narrator in Big Lebowski, except he only turns up at the beginning and the end. And Brian Sewell.


Chtonic Fatigue Syndrome
hang on, not Dylan Carlson from Earth? He sounds like a Pacific Northwest munchkin. He has a ridiculous voice!

And I love it.
Especially now that he looks like a violent midwestern gas station attendant who wrestles for beer money.


Darned cockwombles.
Bill McLaren (rugby commentator)

Jeanne Moreau

Oliver Postgate

Chris Morris (when he's doing *that* booming newsvoice)

Green Velvet

The Horrorist

Susan Sarandon
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Beast of Burden
Craner has a gorgeous voice, actually.

I do? Why, thank you. That ought to help when I try to engage a bunch of 14 year olds with Imtiaz Dharker and Nissim Ezekiel poems tomorrow afternoon.


Beast of Burden
Fucking AQA Cluster fucking 1, fellow English teachers. What a load of rubbish. 'Limbo', 'Island Man'...give me a break.


thread death
I know this won't please everyone but...

Mariela Fostrup and Vicki Butler Henderson or whatever her name is - posh, deep gravelly women's voices a winner everytime


thread death
How on earth do you teach this trash, Jenks?

with my eyes closed

actually I don't teach those poems but I know of them, I teach a different spec but the drive to be inclusive has led to bad poems by good poets being chosen in the name of 'other cultures'.

There are times when all you can do is grit your teeth - i find thigs like teaching the writing triplets can be soul destorying whilst a lesson on improving your choice of verbs in sentences when taught to low abilitiy classes can be positive and uplifting. Then again I've got a bright class this year who are totally trashing 1984 with their sullen apathy.

Still I'm teaching John Clare to the sixth form and that's a gas.


we murder to dissect
Geoffrey Hill:

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