90s revival: starting prices


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The Moose revival? Fucking hell. Didn't they have the worst singer in the history of music?


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I saw Moose play in the very early-90s, right when they were getting a lot of hype. It was at Hereford Lads Club and I was one of about 20 people in attendance. Moose were a bit rubbish but the support act were (the then virtually unknown) Stereolab, who were fantastic. I went out and bought their Super Electric 10" pretty soon after that.


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Were Moose hyped? Blimey, I suppose they were a bit, by NME?

I honestly don't remember them that well, wasn't that taken with them I don't think, but must have seen them play quite a few times at the Camden Falcon etc. Was going through some old tickets and fliers (from when I used to keep such things, and go out a lot) the other day and they're on loads of Vertigo Club listings, supporting The Becketts and stuff like that. Also have a ticket stub from a Moose headline gig at ULU 10th Jan 1992. Maybe that was the peak of their fame? God I'm sure that's all really exciting for everyone. ;-)

Saw Stereolab loads at The White Horse in Hampstead where Too Pure did a night and yes they were really good. The Farfisa through that shitty PA was harsh though.


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There was a famous story at the time about how Moose played to 10 people in Nottingham (or somewhere like that) the same day they got their first (and presumably only) Melody Maker cover story.

I think they stopped being a shoegaze band after a while and did a kind of High Llamas-style easy pop thing.


Tumbling Dice

reading this last night mde me go, 'oh yeahhhhh'. so today i spent all day checking out my pay it all back cds, and various others.
damn right.
loved it all so much more than i expected.
i may be biased, but i dont think the productions have aged badly at all.
all i'll say, is bring on the 30th anniversary boxset that has been promised.
though knowing on-u, it wont hit the shops until the 40th anniversary.