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in other news, naked mole rats feel no pain due to acid.


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Shub-Niggurath, Please
Just had an enthused conversation about Weddell Seals. Specifically that they sound like the Forbidden Planet soundtrack dubbed out by Scratch Perry, without needing anything so downright soft as a recording studio or an echo box to help them.

I was sure there'd been some chat about them on dissensus, but can't find anything now. Here's a clip from Herzog's documentary where he went to Antarctica. The shots of the scientists lying on the ice are just great.

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There are some other really long, equally amazing sound samples in a blog post I did earlier in the year.

I made the following as a joint tribute to Delia Derbyshire and Weddell seals:



Praising with faint "damn"

Note the shockfront causing new cloud formations and enormous splashdowns from ejecta between ship and shore.

Also, I learnt today that when Krakatoa went off it most likely blasted away the sea leaving bare seabed and a void that took half an hour to fill...