Anyone checking out Danish series The Killing on BBC Four? Am enjoying it
yeah i'm enjoying it too, excellent moody colorisation, epic knitwear

i noticed it's hype in the papers last weekend, even murdoch press, surprisingly as it's beating sky atlantic in the ratings....

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Bloody hell, I know it's a bit old news now, but I just made the regrettable mistake of watching The Catherine Tate Show. What a pile of shit.


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anyone seen Lars von Trier's TV show The Kingdom? any good?

this was great. set in a hospital! it's a supernatural black comedy swine dream, with what you might now consider to be hypnagogic effects. how this ever made it on TV, i'll never know. Lars Trier laughs hysterically after he vanishes at then end of each episodes summary, i reckon. i love that idea.


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The Killing is tops. Apparently it's 4 year old and a second series (re. Afghanistan War!) already in the can and bought up by the Beeb.

Slightly disappointed by Boardwalk Empire, though I'd sooner lose a toe than miss any of it. It's well made and hugely watchable, just can't help feeling it should've been so much more.


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The Killing is brilliant.. reminds a lot of the BBC tv series State of Play (which then got remade into a shit film)

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Right, right. Sorry, new to this place. Didn't notice there actually was a running tv-thread. Moved post:

Huh, weird that the hype in this place around Mad Men stopped after season 3. In my eyes, season 4 took the show into the realm of the very best shows ever. It was just brilliant. Mad Men has begun doing something nearly no other show has ever tried: It shows change. Even The Wire (best show ever) was the same story played out in five different ways. Mad Men, however, changed significantly, and logically, with this latest series. It was really brilliant, by far my favorite series.

So what else are people watching? I liked three new shows from last year: Treme, Rubicon and Terriers. Of course, two of those has been cancelled... Terriers is especially recomended to everyone, buddy-private-investigators show with so much flawed humanity that it really hurts at times. And it is set in San Diego, where I am currently living. Check it out.

And yeah, I really loved The Kingdom, but I love von Trier in general, especially his early, European trilogy. Element of Crime, Epidemic, Europa.


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I just finished season one of The Killing, it's really great, but some elements of the run up to the finale didn't really satisfy me, and as is to be expected with a murder mystery running for 20 60 minute episodes, some of the to and froing with suspects etc began to grate a little. I'm still really excited to see the rest of the series, it can't be long till they're translated (the second half of the series I downloaded had been translated by fans or someone other than the BBC, surely they're on the case with the later seasons).

Crackerjack, I had the same problem with Boardwalk Empire. It's almost like HBO were so desperate for another drama hit since their thunder's been stolen by the likes of Mad Men, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad that they just threw all they could at it and hoped it would work out. Mega budget + Scorsese + Sopranos/Wire alumni doesn't add up to greatness in this case. The sheer amount of CG used in the show is very jarring too, there's a sheen of soft focus around the characters in every second scene. Annoying. I still enjoyed the series and I'm interested to see where it goes, it might turn out better later on. Like a reverse Lost.

EDIT: I just checked and series two is up on Demonoid with fan-made subtitles. PM me if you need an invite, the series is 5.88gb, it's only 10 episodes long.
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All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace on bbc2 was fucking superb, just as a programme with great graphics and library footage if nothing else.


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I just found out that my mother applied to be the presenter of Tiswas back in the 70s. She sent me a copy of the rejection letter today. It went:

Dear Kathryn,

RE: Tiswas Presenter

Many thanks for your letter.

I am afraid that I am having to dictate this letter on the roof as we have had so many applications that the office is now full and unuseable but through a dint of sleepless nights, much coffee and a diet of custard pies we have read your letter right the way through.

I am sorry to have to tell you that you have not been short-listed but please do not be down-hearted, maybe your sanity will be spared.

I do hope that the year and the future is kind to you.

All the best from the Tiswas team.

So she missed out to Chris Tarrent -- who, to be fair, probably did a better job than she could. However, my mum would have been much better than Sarah Green was on The Saturday Swap Shop. (She's sort of like a cross between Ruby Wax and Eddi Reader, my mum.)


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Sounds like she actually lost out to the lovely and buxom Sally James, for which a generation of now middle-aged men is probably duly grateful (no offence Ma Craner).


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"the last panthers" just finished in the states, pretty good but i wanted to like it more than i actually did. liked the grittiness and grim eastern european vibe but found i didn't really care that much about the characters.

when i mentioned this to a friend, he recommended i watch "spiral", which is really good to far.

the wife twisted my arm to watch "the night manager" (so she could drool over pretty boy tom hiddleston), and while it was certainly slick and hinged on some plot lines that stretched the boundaries of credibility, it was suspenseful and entertaining in a "24"-type way. (btw, heard "24" is coming back next year, without kiefer)

"full frontal" with ex-daily show contributor samantha bee is carrying jon stewart's torch more successfully than trevor noah (who i've grown to like), insightful and no-holds barred while still being funny.

what else should i be watching?

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the wife twisted my arm to watch "the night manager" (so she could drool over pretty boy tom hiddleston), and while it was certainly slick and hinged on some plot lines that stretched the boundaries of credibility, it was suspenseful and entertaining in a "24"-type way.

Ha, yeah, I saw this and largely agree with your verdict (and it was my SO's idea to watch it, funnily enough). The casting made me think of this, a bit:

Odd to see Hugh Laurie playing a part that isn't either gruff and miserable but basically benign (House) or a lovable, childlike buffoon (most of the other things he's ever played, at least that I've seen). Although I thought he was a reasonably convincing villain, as long as I could stop thinking of him as Bertie Wooster or Prince/Lieutenant George.

I was overjoyed to discover my girlfriend had never seen The Sopranos, so I've now got a reason to watch the whole thing all over again from start to finish! We're the best part of the way through season 1 - she's completely hooked and I've realized I'd forgotten just how fucking great it is. And so clearly a blueprint for so many great anti-hero-based serial dramas that have followed it.


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The Sopranos is the best. I mean, it kind of went off the boil towards the end when Tony started living inside a coma-induced dream, etc., but even then it was firing. My favourite episode is the one where they play a Poker game and the owner of the sporting goods store ends up owing loadsa money to his 'friend' Tony. (Although obviously the Pine Barrens episode is the comedy classic.)

Here's an article Clive James wrote about it:

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I recall the tragic yet hilarious fate of Adriana's lapdog when Christopher is back on the smack...