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I had a nice techno phase (mostly oldschool) back in 2016-2017, and these tracks are from those times. 'Journey and FM EP' has oldschool techno in slow 120bpm tempo (Celestial Airship is even slower, 115bpm) suiting for dj sets of '80s/early '90s styles. The EP's tracks are not modern monotonous techno, so they are good to listen as such aswell.

\\ Coconut Water
Starts the EP with piano riffs which sets the landscape into tropical paradise beach. Uplifting detroit techno here - track full of creamy chords.

\\ Journey and FM
I did some serious experiments with Reason's Thor synth's FM capabilities, so I ended up making crunchy and warping FM sounds. Melodies are demoscene chiptune inspired niftyness. This is an epic journey through rich landscapes.

\\ Nifty Electronics
No drums, only melodies blasting with the same crunchy FM experiments as in previous track. I managed to create dramatic morphs to the FM sound - from cute & nifty to crunchy & hefty.

\\ Data Fog
Fogged up atmosphere and futuristic attitude. It gets moody and melancholic here. Check those peculiar harmonies in the beginning - it's actually the bassline heavily modulated!

\\ Celestial Airship
This is the slowest one - 115bpm detroit techno groove here. Big air-y crystal chords gives that celestial feel, which are accompanied with big reese bass.


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i am currently discovering the beauty of creating high volumes of sound with scripting (and without necessarily listening to it)

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